The project

Rockstar Systems is a next-generation Event Staffing Platform. This project was focused on enhancing the user experience and automating the user’s registration process.


Prime Collective Pty Ltd


Web design and automation




1 week


The registration process was able to be fully automated, thus reducing human error and staffing costs.


The upgraded registration form was more powerful, allowing for validation of users inputs. This ensured that all the form responses were complete and accurate.


The websites user experiece was improved to provide smoother browsing and instil a greater level of trust for the business.


Not having time to create a new website: We had to build on the existing technology. This created compatibility issues with the automation process that were overcome with some clever use of third party software.

Time constraints

The project had a 4 day deadline that needed to be met. In this time, the user experience had to be enhanced and the transfer of information streamlined.

Rockstar System's branding is casual and mature.


The website was completed on time and in full. The design is professional and trustworthy and has provided a significant increase in registrations for Prime Collective.

The automation of the registration form has saved time and reduced the number of errors and incomplete forms.

Check out our work at Rockstar Systems’ new website and let us know what you think.