The project

Quartz Hill Wines’ new build was a complete overhaul of their existing website. We added new content, an elegant online store and modernised the design and experience of the website. The website required large security and performance upgrades, as well as specialised logic and automation built into the online store.


Quartz Hill Wines


Web design and automation




2 weeks

Quartz hill wines is responsive
Responsive ecommerce development

Some pain points that we eased


We created a fast, modern and transparent website that users trust.

The terms and conditions are clearly displayed, as well as the pricing options. There are several methods of contact available all over the site.

Brand Identity

Quartz Hill Wines has used its new website to establish a strong brand identity.

This develops trust and builds customer loyalty, resulting in long term growth of the business and returning customers.


Quartz Hills' new checkout process is fast, easy and transparent. Customers can save checkout details for future purchases and add or remove items at any point in the checkout process.

Shipping costs are shown on all pages.

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