The project

Gaffy & Neal is a small-scale producer of artisanal chardonnay. The message was clear: “We want a place where we can send our customers”.

The website is classy, uncomplicated and echoes the branding of the wine itself. Customers can read about their philosophy, sign up for the mailing list and buy wine.

With a limited budget, it was decided that the best option was to direct users to an existing online store where they can buy the wine.


Gaffy & Neal


Web design




1 week

Gaffy & Neal mobile site
Responsive web design - Gaffy & Neal

Some pain points that we eased

Brand Awareness

Not having any social media or pre-existing website, Gaffy & Neal was an internet ghost.

With their own bespoke website, Gaffy & Neal are free to promote their own brand and direct traffic wherever they are needed

Customer Loyalty

Needing a way to get in touch with clients, we created a professional email account for Gaffy & Neal.

We used this to add a contact form and mailing list sign-up to help establish impactful, long-term relationships with customers.

Retail Market

There's always room for critically praised wines on bottle shop shelves, but what if you're growing brand could sell directly to the public?

A website is the foundation of modern-day retailing. Gaffy & Neal sell wine direct to the public and cut out the middle-men thus increasing profits.

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