The project

Bam Connected is a digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation for tradesmen. The website is a single page and minimalistic but has all the necessary information to inform a user and build enough credibility for them to reach out and generate a hot lead.


Bam Connected


Web design




2 days

Websites for tradies built by Banksia Web Design
Responsive Web Design portfolio

Some pain points that we eased


Lacking a professionally designed website, Bam Connected had a gap in its online image; the old website was untidy and lacked a purpose.

Lead Gen

Despite being a lead gen agency themselves, bam Connected needed a new lead gen strategy.

A lead gen website is a versatile place to direct leads from many sources: Socials, email, word-of-mouth or advertising.


A website has always been a reliable place to establish a strong brand image. From brand colours to the 'message' the business conveys, the website has allowed Bam Connected to send a clear message.

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